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Understanding what goes into our pricing is important. It is countless hours spent before and after your puppy is born. Planning, prepping, learning and implementing the latest protocols. All are necessary for raising healthy, well-adjusted, enriched and empowered puppies that will become an important part of a family structure. 

At Justine's Retrievers and Doodles, we will spend hour upon hour using techniques and individualized training that will help make your puppy a wonderful addition to your family.  Because we have a passion for raising well balanced puppies, we have implemented several protocols into our program. Getting your new puppy started right is literally a 24 hour job.  We take our commitment to sending our puppies home prepared very seriously.  Your puppy will start their ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) at just 3 days old.

Early neurological stimulation (ENS) and early scent introduction (ESI) are two important practices that can have a significant impact on a puppy's development and future behavior. Here are some of the benefits of each:

  1. Early neurological stimulation: ENS is a process that involves performing a series of gentle exercises on a puppy from birth to 14 days old. These exercises are designed to stimulate the puppy's neurological system and help them develop a stronger immune system, better stress tolerance, and improved overall health. Here are some of the benefits of ENS:

  • Improved cardiovascular performance

  • Stronger immune system

  • Improved stress tolerance

  • Improved ability to handle new environments and experiences

  • Improved learning ability and problem-solving skills

  • Improved overall health and well-being

Early scent introduction: ESI involves exposing a puppy to a variety of different scents from an early age, typically between 3 and 16 days old. The goal is to help the puppy develop a strong sense of smell and to become familiar with different scents that they may encounter in the future. Here are some of the benefits of ESI:

  • Improved sense of smell

  • Improved ability to detect and recognize different scents

  • Improved ability to track scents

  • Reduced anxiety and stress in new environments

  • Improved overall behavior and temperament

  • Overall, both ENS and ESI can have a significant impact on a puppy's development and future behavior. By providing early and appropriate stimulation and exposure, breeders and owners can help their puppies grow into healthy, happy, and well-adjusted adult dogs. However, it is important to note that these practices should be done under the guidance of a veterinarian or experienced breeder, as they require specialized knowledge and expertise to be performed correctly.



Our puppies go home for $2300 for Standard and $2800 for Miniature. We do have a reservation list. In order to reserve a spot on the waitlist a non-refundable reservation fee of $500 is required. 

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merle poodle puppy
Merle Poodle puppy
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