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Baxter and Bella 

 I am frequently asked many questions on training and socialization for my Goldendoodle puppy. So, I decided to do some research and find something everyone would be able to use. This company called Baxter and Bella is amazing. It is also an app!! There is everything you need and you can actually get an entire lifetime membership with a 25% discount using code: *Justine *.

Is your dog still holding on to a few bad habits? Maybe you are looking to ‘level-up’ your dog’s skills with off-leash walking or a few new tricks? How about finding new socialization ideas and fun activities you can do to get fit with your dog? It’s not too late and there is an easy way to do it in your own home.


Baxter & Bella has an online training program that you get for life. They even give you live one-on-one calls with the trainers at no additional fee! This program offers so much, like live-classes, videos, podcasts and even a Facebook group that you can be a part of. Join others going through training, too. Plus they have a super easy to use app!!

Goldendoodles in New England
merle poodle puppy
Merle Poodle puppy
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